Vocals, Lead Guitar, Lyricist


Ken grew up in Rutherford N.J. At age 11 later

 moved to Eureka, MT. Growing up in the late 60's 

and 70's, Ken was influence by a variety of music, 

but always had a love and feel for the Blues. 

Ken respects traditional Blues, but his style leans

more towards his biggest influences, SRV, Robin Trower,

Hendrix, Billy Gibbons, Gary Moore and Warren Haynes.

Jimi said it best,  "the Blues is easy to play, 

but hard to feel."


Ken plays with a lot of FEEL. Very thankful to 

be performing with very talented musicians, 

Mark Cornett (Bass) and Mark Miller (Drums). 

Loves to be playing in a Solid Power Trio, 

performing original music.

Ken is most thankful for his Love for the Lord.  

Most of what Ken writes is spiritually influenced.

He says " it's awesome to perform a tune that's accepted

at Church and also in the secular world.  Someone once said 

"Ken plays God Rock" and God said "RIGHT ON."

Copyright 2016 Ric Ellingson



Mark was raised in the South Bay of Los Angeles.  

At age 4, he was watching the Ed Sullivan show

 with his older sister and from then on music 

became his passion.  His early influences include

 Paul McCartney, Geezer Butler, Roger Glover and Chris Squire. 

Mark played in a couple of extremely popular L.A. bands

 before relocating to Bigfork, Montana. 


Mark got exposed to the blues in Montana and played 

with Steve Kelley in the band Big Daddy and the Blue Notes

 for over 17 years. They shared the stage with such artists

 as James Cotton, Junior Wells  Jimmie Rogers, Charlie Musselwhite, 

Little Charlie and the Nightcats, Robert Cray and 

many others throughout the northwest.

Mark left the music scene and worked 

for five years in the oil field of North Dakota.


One day Mark got a call from Ken and Mark with

 news of their bass player leaving the band

 and he jumped on it.  " The KJMB is the only band 

I wanted to play with,  it's pretty hard to find an

 all original band with gigs, especially in Montana! 

I've known Ken and Mark for a long time and 

consider myself blessed to be working with them."



Mark was born in Whitefish, Montana and grew up in 
the Flathead Valley.  He started drumming professionally
 in his teen age years.  

During his travels he lived and played many different styles 
 of music in Montana and Oregon, California and Washington.  
Eventually the mountains of Montana drew him back to Kalispell
 where he currently resides.  

He got together with Ken Sederdahl at a jam session
in 2009.  They hit it off and started working together
soon after.  Mark had worked with Mark Cornett in another
band that also played original music prior to that time. 

When the three of them got together in 2010, it was
 pretty much an instant fit.  Mark really has a great
 time working in this trio as it is powerful, rocking
 and funky at the same time.  It is a great avenue
 for his drumming style as the group always enjoys
 improvising together within many of the songs.  

He feels very fortunate every time the band gets together
 because it not only feels great to him, but also because of 
the awesome friendships within this trio.